Precision Medicine Tests

Myriad Oncology offers a suite of precision medicine tests that provide critical answers for your patients that have been diagnosed with or may be at risk of any of these seven cancer types.

What Tests Does Myriad Oncology Offer?

Germline Testing

BRACAnalysis CDx® is an FDA-approved test used to identify patients with germline BRCA1/2 mutations who may be eligible for certain targeted therapies. This test quickly and accurately provides results for patients with pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer who may benefit from PARP inhibitor treatment.

The Myriad myRisk® Hereditary Cancer Test is a multi-gene panel that determines hereditary cancer risk associated with 8 cancer sites: breast, ovarian, colorectal, endometrial, melanoma, pancreatic, gastric, and prostate. Learn more here.

Tumor Testing

EndoPredict® is a tumor test designed for women with ER+/HER2-, early-stage, node-negative or node-positive breast cancer. The test combines the molecular score from the tumor with the tumor size and nodal status to provide individualized answers for three critical aspects of a breast cancer treatment plan.

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Myriad Oncology offers solutions across 7 different cancer types, click the cancer type below to see what tests are offered.

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