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Pancreatic cancer

Myriad Oncology can quickly get you your patients’ genetic information so you can confidently recommend the next treatment without delay. Pancreatic cancer is often diagnosed at a later stage and knowing if the disease was caused by a genetic mutation will provide information to help guide treatment and targeted therapy decisions. 

Patient care begins with knowledge and your patients deserve accurate and actionable hereditary cancer test results that you trust.

Myriad Oncology's Tests for Pancreatic Cancer and What Answers They Provide:

Hereditary cancer testing

myRisk genetic testing

The Myriad myRisk® test is a 35-gene cancer panel that will provide your patients with pancreatic cancer information on:

  • Whether their case of pancreatic cancer is hereditary (or caused by a genetic mutation) – 5-10% of all pancreatic cancer cases are hereditary.1
  • Their risk of developing additional cancers – Having a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation puts pancreatic patients with cancer at a higher risk of developing other cancers than the general public. 
  • Potential treatment eligibility – Patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer and a BRCA mutation may be considered appropriate for PARP Inhibitor Therapy.
  • Potential hereditary cancer risk for family members – Knowing mutation status provides the opportunity for family members to take proactive  screening and/or preventative measures if appropriate.

By incorporating leading medical society guidelines into the results through our myRisk Medical Management Tool, myRisk can provide comprehensive information about your patient’s unique cancer. Using industry leading accuracy, unmatched turnaround time, and a lifetime commitment to patients, myRisk is an essential part of all pancreatic cancer workups.

myRisk fast cancer testing

myRisk STAT® offers expedited results (one week) for pancreatic cancer of 11 genes for time-sensitive patients with the full report delivered within 14 days.  

BrCA Testing – To help determine which patients may be appropriate for parp inhibitor therapy

BRACAnalysis CDx cancer testing

BRACAnalysis CDx® was designed and recently FDA-approved as a companion diagnostic to accurately provide germline BRCA1/2 results so you can confidently recommend treatment for your pancreatic patients without delay. BRACAnalysis CDx has a one-week turnaround time option for patients with pancreatic cancer because timing is critical when determining which patients are appropriate for PARP Inhibitor Therapy.

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  1. *riskScore is calculated for women of solely European ancestry 

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