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Revolutionizing Patient Care

For years Myriad has partnered with healthcare professionals to develop tools and tests that will help provide the best care to patients. Our belief is that genetic and genomic testing should be easy, accurate and available to anyone who may need it.

Myriad Oncology offers a suite of tests for eight different cancer types that provide critical information regarding your high-risk patients, your patient’s cancer diagnosis, or their family’s potential risk of getting cancer.

Hereditary Cancer Testing

Knowing your patients’ genetics can provide answers to some of the most pressing treatment, screening, and familial risk questions. If you are interested in learning more about hereditary cancer testing and the Myriad myRisk® test, click below.

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Myriad Oncology offers solutions across 7 different cancer types, click the cancer type below to see what tests are offered.

Myriad Oncology's Tests Are


3 out of 4 patients pay $0 due to excellent coverage and assistance


Industry-leading accuracy so you can feel confident in your patients’ results


Unlike some labs, Myriad protects your patients’ personal information


Myriad makes genetic testing simple with clear, actionable results

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