Saliva Sample Collection Instructions

Collecting a saliva sample for Myriad myRisk® Test

You’ve received your test kit and are now one step closer to important knowledge that can help you make the best healthcare decisions for you and your family. Outlined below details what is included in your myRisk kit, how to collect your sample, and how to ship your sample to Myriad.

Step 1: Getting ready to collect your sample

Your myRisk kit should include the following:

  • A plastic container with your sample collection tube with an attached funnel and small tube cap
  • And a prepaid Myriad shipping bag
  • It’s important you keep your kit box as you will use it to ship back your sample

Along with your kit you should have also received a Test Request Form completed and signed by either your genetic counselor or physician. This test request form was either sent to you via email or sent with your kit. If sent via email you will need to print prior to shipping your sample.  If you did not receive a completed test request form, please contact Myriad customer service at 1-800-469-7423

Using a pen, write your full name and date of birth within the white square on your collection tube. Ensure your information matches what is shown on the test request form.

DO NOT eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum for at least 30 minutes before giving your saliva sample.

It can sometimes take a while to produce enough saliva. Try rubbing your cheeks, pretend you are chewing, or think of (or smell) lemons to stimulate saliva production.

Step 2: Collect Your Sample

  • Open clear plastic box and remove collection tube
  • Date your Test Request From at top and bottom
  • Sign bottom of your Test Request From
  • Write name and date-of-birth on the white space on your collection tube with a pen or fine point marker
  • Spit into tube until the amount of saliva (not bubbles) reaches the fill line
  • Close lid on funnel lid until a loud click is heard
  • Unscrew funnel from top of tube
  • Use small cap to close tube tightly
  • Shake closed tube for at least 5 seconds
  • Place your labeled tube back into the small clear plastic box

In the top center section of the test request form, either emailed or provided with your kit, is a specimen collection date. Please write the day you collected your sample within the provided box.

Also add any missing insurance information and sign and date the bottom of the test request form.

Step 3: Mailing your sample

Before mailing remember to label your sample with your name and date of birth and write the date you collected your sample on the top of the Myriad Test Request Form. Proper sample identification that matches the TRF is required to perform the test.

  • Remove plastic shipping bag and mailing label from test kit
  • Place your sample and test request form into the test kit
  • Close the test box and place it into the provided plastic bag and seal shut with adhesive strip
  • Drop the kit into any USPS mailbox

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