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Explore the resources below to learn more about hereditary cancer and importance of testing, to see whether you may meet guidelines for testing, and to learn more about Myriad Oncology’s solutions.

What is Hereditary Cancer?

Watch the video to find out what hereditary cancer is and the importance of hereditary cancer testing for you and your family.

Hereditary cancer quiz

Click below to take our hereditary cancer quiz to find out if you should consider hereditary cancer testing.

At-Home Sample Collection

If your provider opted to have a saliva Myriad myRisk® test kit sent directly to your home, click below to see the full instructions on how to provide your sample and mail it back to Myriad.

BRACAnalysis CDx® Patient Education Tool

EndoPredict® Patient Brochure

myRisk® Pretest Patient Education Tool

Patient Affordability Brochure

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