MyriadPro Registration Instructions

Go to and click Create an Account.

NOTE: Google Chrome is the preferred browser for MyriadPro

Don’t forget to check the box that agrees to Myriad’s Terms of Use, and the Captcha.

3. You will now be given the option to add an account or place an order.

  • Adding an account number verifies your account and gives you the option to view your results and orders within MyriadPro
  • You can still place an order with and use the eTRF without adding an account number right away
  • Click on the “My Accounts “ tab on the left hand navigation and then press “Add Account” in the top right corner of the page.

If you do not know your Myriad account number, or if you don’t have one, contact our Myriad Access Team, email or call 1.800.469.7423

5. After entering your account number

You will be guided to enter Accession (or BLD) numbers and the date of birth for 2 of your last 5 patients you tested with Myriad under your specified account number. 

  • If you don’t know this information, or haven’t yet tested patients with Myriad, contact  our Myriad Access Team, email or call 1.800.469.7423

6. You will now be able to fill out the Myriad myRisk® eTRF

Within your MyriadPro account and follow the directions here to get the myRisk test kit delivered directly to your patient. 

For any additional MyriadPro help email

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