Myriad Oncology

Live weekly webinar series hosted by Dr. Thomas (TJ) Slavin, Sr. VP of Medical Affairs for Myriad Oncology

Come join in on open-door discussions about current topics in cancer genetics with Dr. Slavin and Myriad’s medical experts. View the dates, times and topics below. Click each individual link to register for that day 


Week of July 13th – Off Week

Week of July 22nd – Off Week

Tuesday, July 28th at 2 PM EST – Breast Cancer Prognostic Testing


Wednesday, August 5th at 12 PM EST – Variants of Uncertain Significance and Reclassifications–urT8iGN1PSjeaxQa6M2mT7ZNdK4be

Tuesday, August 11th at 5 PM EST – Tumor VS. Germline Genetic Testing and Everything In Between

Wednesday, August 19th at 12 PM EST – Advancements in Lynch and Other Colon Cancer Predisposition Syndromes

Tuesday, August 25th at 3 PM EST – Let’s Talk Polygenic Risk Scores


Tuesday, September 1st at 2 PM EST – Let’s Talk Companion Diagnostics

Wednesday, September 9th at 5 PM EST – Let’s Talk VUS’s and Reclassification

Friday, September 18th at 12 PM EST – Let’s Talk RNA

Wednesday, September 23rd – 12 PM EST – Let’s Talk PRS Modifying Moderate Gene Carriers

Future topics and times will be updated regularly

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