EndoPredict breast cancer testing

Individualized Answers For Patients With Breast Cancer

EndoPredict® provides accurate results for patients diagnosed with ER+, HER2−, early-stage breast cancer with either node-negative or node-positive disease (1- 3 nodes). The test combines a 12-gene molecular score (tumor biology) with tumor size and nodal status (tumor pathology) to significantly improve prognostic performance over the leading competitor.

EndoPredict provides an individualized early and late recurrence result for each patient based on their tumor’s biology and pathology. With the integration of these specific features, EndoPredict also accurately predicts an individualized absolute chemotherapy benefit to help you make the right treatment decisions for each individual case of breast cancer.

Your patients, their questions

Answering Critical Questions About Breast Cancer

  1. What is the risk of the cancer returning within 10 years?
  2. Is there a benefit to treating with chemotherapy?
  3. Is there enough benefit to treat with extended endocrine therapy?

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