The Breast Cancer Quiz

Welcome to The Breast Cancer Quiz

Myriad Oncology’s suite of tests answer pressing questions regarding current breast cancer diagnosis, treatment options, and informs if you or a family member may be at risk of developing cancer in the future.

Take this brief quiz to see what Myriad Oncology tests may be right for you.

Have you ever been diagnosed with breast cancer?

Do any of the following apply to your breast cancer?

Do you have a personal history of any one of the following cancers or findings?​

  • Ovarian cancer at any age​
  • Pancreatic cancer at any age
  • Colon, rectal, or uterine cancer at 64 or younger
  • Tumor testing results that showed characteristics suggesting a hereditary condition

Do you have a family history of any one of the following?

  • Breast cancer at age 49 or younger
  • Two breast cancers in one family member at any age
  • Three or more breast cancers in relatives on the same side of the family at any age
  • Metastatic prostate, pancreatic cancer, or male breast cancer at any age
  • Colon, rectal, or uterine cancer at age 49 or younger (1st degree relative)
  • A gene mutation found in family member
  • Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry with breast cancer in one relative at any age

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