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We believe that when it comes to cancer, our genetic tests provide critical information for both providers and patients. Follow our blog to learn more about our solutions.
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Cost of Myriad myRisk Testing

  Cost should never be a barrier when patients need genetic testing. That’s why it’s Myriad’s promise to make testing accessible and affordable. For patients

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Variant Reclassification

Why is Variant Reclassification in Hereditary Cancer Testing Important? Variant classification is a key component of germline testing, allowing patients to have an accurate answer

Stephanie Percich, MS, CGC

An Overview of riskScore

Myriad’s riskScore helps to refine a woman’s risk of breast cancer, with or without a family history of breast cancer.

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Myriad Corporate Statement

We are heartbroken over the systemic discrimination and racism that have persisted in this nation for too long. We have been quiet in reflection but

Myriad Oncology

Introducing the Inside the GENOME Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Thomas Slavin, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs for Myriad Oncology, Inside the GENOME is a casual, educational podcast exploring the world

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