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Our goal is to make a difference in these patients’ lives by providing accurate information they can rely on when decisions matter most.

Myriad Oncology is a division of Myriad Genetics, Inc., a world leader in hereditary cancer testing with over 25 years of experience and over 3 million patients tested. Myriad Oncology focuses on providing answers for patients diagnosed with cancer or individuals who may have an inherited risk of developing cancer based on personal and family medical history.

Myriad Oncology's Tests Are

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All of Myriad Oncology's Solutions:

Myriad Oncology’s suite of tests answer pressing questions related to eight cancer types: breast, ovarian, pancreatic, colon, prostate, endometrial, gastric, and melanoma.

myRisk genetic testing

Myriad myRisk® is a hereditary cancer test that can assess hereditary cancer risk of eight different cancers. Results provide critical information that help guide treatment decisions, determine the patient’s risk of developing additional cancers, and answer whether loved ones may be at risk of developing certain cancers.

myRisk fast cancer testing

myRisk STAT® is for patients with pancreatic or breast cancer that are surgery-pending or time-sensitive and in need of expedited, accurate genetic results.

EndoPredict breast cancer testing

EndoPredict® is a tumor test designed for women with ER+/HER2-, early-stage, node-negative or node-positive breast cancer. The test combines the molecular score from the tumor with the tumor size and nodal status to provide individualized answers for three critical aspects of a breast cancer treatment plan: the chance that breast cancer will have a distant recurrence (metastasis) within 10 years, whether the patient is likely to benefit from chemotherapy, and the long-term risk of recurrence that can be used to help decide if hormone treatment is safe to stop after five years.

BRACAnalysis CDx cancer testing

BRACAnalysis CDx® is an FDA-approved test used to identify patients with germline BRCA1/2 mutations who are eligible for certain targeted therapies. This test quickly and accurately provides results for patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer, metastatic breast cancer, and ovarian cancer who may benefit from PARP inhibitor treatment.

myChoice® CDx is the most comprehensive tumor test that determines HRD status in patients with ovarian cancer. This FDA-approved test helps provide information on the magnitude of benefit for PARP inhibitor therapy.
riskScore breast cancer screening

For women that haven’t been diagnosed with breast cancer, riskScore® is a risk prediction tool. riskScore uses genetic markers and clinical factors to give insight into a 5-year and remaining lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.*

Prolaris prostate cancer testing

Prolaris® is a tumor aggressiveness test for patients with prostate cancer that can help determine how quickly prostate cancer will progress. The personalized results were designed to help providers make truly informed and confident treatment decisions, because every man with prostate cancer deserves a better answer.

myPath Melanoma® is a test that analyzes suspicious skin lesions at the molecular level to help determine its diagnosis. Along with information obtained by examining the skin lesion under the microscope, the myPath Melanoma test result aids healthcare providers to arrive at a correct diagnosis. A correct diagnosis will ensure the best treatment path going forward.


Myriad believes in affordable testing for patients who meet guidelines for testing. Through excellent insurance coverage and programs such as the Myriad Financial Assistance Program and the Myriad Promise, providers and patients can feel confident knowing Myriad has multiple options tailored to each patient’s situation.


Myriad Oncology believes in providing the most accurate and highest quality tests for patients. From hereditary cancer to precision medicine, our tests are designed to give providers and patients the most accurate answer possible.

With our hereditary cancer tests, we make a lifetime commitment to patients to ensure that information does not stop after the results are delivered. As the science of genetics continues to evolve, Myriad is constantly reviewing and evaluating new developments, and any new findings that may impact patients are always delivered to both the provider and patient to maintain the highest quality of patient care possible.

safe & secure

Myriad Oncology believes that results and genetic information belongs to the patient. We take several steps to ensure that the security and privacy of patient data is not compromised. We believe that patients should be in control of their information.

simple, actionable results

Myriad Oncology knows that the field of genetics can be complex, but we have taken steps to ensure that both providers and patients are able to understand the results and further treatment options based on national medical guidelines. The myRisk Medical Management Tool enables patients to share this vital information with their families in order to have all of your loved ones aware of any potential risks they may face. Patients who receive a test from Myriad Oncology can feel empowered to know that their results can be a meaningful piece of developing a prevention or treatment plan.


*riskScore is calculated for women of solely European ancestry under the age of 85 without a personal history of breast cancer, LCIS, hyperplasia, atypical hyperplasia, or a breast biopsy of unknown results. riskScore is not calculated if a woman or a blood relative is known to carry a mutation in a breast cancer gene.

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